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Extended Quasi-Tournament 01/15/11 - motorcyclechris [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Extended Quasi-Tournament 01/15/11 [Jan. 15th, 2011|11:51 pm]
Went to a small 10 person Extended tournament at The Old Book Shop today since it was only five bucks and I really need all the practice I can get before the GPT next weekend. Made some minor changes to my deck. Took out a Putrid Leech, an Anathemancer, my Boggart Ram-Gangs, and a Maelstrom Pulse for three Fauna Shamans and four Demigod of Revenge. I took out a Great Sable Stag and a Volcanic Fallout for two Deglamers, which are a concession to Bitterblossom, Wall of Tanglecord, Wurmcoil Engine, and Prismatic Omen, among other things. I'm also considering moving the three Obstinate Baloths in the SB to the maindeck just to shore up my matches against opposing Jund decks. I'm also going to try to borrow three Thoughtseizes to take the place of my two Duresses and one Inquisition in the SB.

Anyway, here's how tonight went.

Round 1: Standard Valakut
Game 1: My first play was an unimpressive Anathemancer, and he played Khalni Heart Expedition. Then I got Bloodbraid into Kitchen Finks, taking him to 15. My next play was Demigod of Revenge, taking him to 5 after he bolted the Bloodbraid. He didn't have anything on his next turn and conceded.

Game 2: I mulliganed to 6, but got turn 2 Fauna Shaman and turn 3 Putrid Leech, while he only played red mana sources. I got Bloodbraid into another Putrid Leech, taking him to 11. He played Khalni Heart Expedition, and I got Demigod to finish him off before he could drop Wurmcoil Engine next turn.


Round 2: W/B Tokens
Game 1: He got turn 2 Bitterblossom and turn 3 Spectral Procession, which I hear is a pretty good start for the deck. I could only manage a Blightning as my first spell. On his turn he took my Bloodbraid Elf with Tidehollow Sculler, and took me down to 16. On my turn all I could do was another Blightning, taking him down to 12 with the help of his Bitterblossom. His next attack took me to 10, and he passed. I managed to find a Maelstrom Pulse for his spirit tokens, and on his turn he just swung with his Sculler and faerie tokens. I was able to activate my Lavaclaw Reaches to block the Sculler and get my Elf back. On my turn I played the Elf, which cascaded into Lightning bolt to clear his summoning sick faerie and take me in for three, putting him to 5. On his turn he went to 4 and could only attack with his three faeries, taking me to 3. On my turn I found another Bloodbraid, which found Anathemancer and finished him off.

Game 2: I started off strong with a turn 1 Duress taking his Bitterblossom and seeing two lands, Eldrazi Monument, Anathemancer, Kitchen Finks and Ranger of Eos. He played his second land and a newly drawn Burrenton Forge-Tender. On my turn I played a land and passed. He missed his land drop and just swung for one. I found another land and played Kitchen Finks. He missed another land drop and passed. I played another Finks and got in for three. He missed another land drop and passed. I played Bloodbraid into Anathemancer, leaving him at 8 after all was said and done. He managed to find an Arcane Sanctum (coming into play tapped, unfortunately, which meant he couldn't play his Finks). I took him to two with my attack, and finished him off with Lightning Bolt.


Round 3: Mono-Green Infect (as an aside, two of the guys decided to just throw together this deck with only commons and a couple uncommons, and they actually did really well tonight.) As there were only enough people for a Top 4, we ID'd to hopefully get in without having to play the last two games.


Round 4: The other Mono-Green Infect deck
Game 1: He played turns 2 and 3 Ichorclaw Myrs, while all I could do was play lands and represent instant-speed removal. I had Anathemancer in my hand, but that wouldn't do anything, and with me tapped out he could just pump the guy who wasn't blocked to his heart's content. He swung, and I declared no blockers. He used Primal Bellow on one, making it a 4/4. I joked around, asking if he wanted to throw any more pump spells on it (as I laid down my hand on the table face-down) and he added a Groundswell to it. I terminated it, and just took one poison from the other Myr. For the rest of the game, I just played guys and blocked with those and my man-lands until the board was clear. Then I attacked with the man-lands and won easily, with 5 poison counters on me at the end.

Game 2: I got a ridiculous opening hand. My first play was a Duress, taking a Groundswell and seeing two Forests, Carrion Call, Cystbearer and Fog. My second play was Inquisition, taking Cystbearer. On his turn he played another Cystbearer, and I bolted it afterward (not giving him any chance to have open mana to pump it in response to burn). I played a land and passed. He did the same. I played land-go, and at the end of my turn he played Carrion Call. I immediately wiped the board with Volcanic Fallout. I pretty much burned creatures as fast as I could, and thankfully when I had no more cards left, the top of the deck rewarded me with a Putrid Leech. My opponent kept drawing lands and the leech went all the way.


We decided to split Top 4, and I just got store credit for 8.75. I also managed to grab a Frost Titan, a Lux Cannon and two Etched Champions (the latter three for my Standard Mono-Brown deck, and the Titan to get signed by the artist next weekend). As it's already 3am, I think I'll call it a night.

[User Picture]From: supeoples
2011-01-18 12:53 pm (UTC)
sounds like a fun time !
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