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Extended FNM 01/14/11 - motorcyclechris [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Extended FNM 01/14/11 [Jan. 14th, 2011|11:21 pm]
So today instead of the normal Standard FNM, Borderlands hosted Extended for all those people who are testing for the numerous Extended GPTs and PTQs that are among us. I had Jund put together from a tournament a couple months ago, so I figured I might as well give it a go. But before we get to this, I finally got a job =D. As a result, I am treating myself to the Grand Prix Trial in Atlanta on January 22nd, which just so happens to be Extended. We had enough people tonight for 5 rounds with a cut to Top 8. I didn't really take notes except for life totals and when I Duressed/Inquisitioned my opponents, but I can give a brief overview from memory.

Round 1: R/G...something
Game 1: He played Arc Runner, and that's it. I bolted it as he swung, and I played guys and won.
Game 2: He played Kiln Fiend. He tried to bolt my Putrid Leech. I pumped in response. He passed. Next turn he attacked with his Kiln Fiend. I blocked with Leech. He let it die. I played guys and won.


Round 2: Faeries
Game 1: He got a little stuck on mana, with only three Secluded Glens in the first five or so turns. I played guys and he used a lot of removal on them. I had a Putrid Leech out for awhile just swinging for two, and he later told me that he had two Disfigures the whole time just waiting for me to pump the Leech. He started coming back with Mistbind Cliques, but the turn he didn't Clique me I just unearthed an Anathemancer to kill him.
Game 2: He got mana screwed again this game. He did manage to get a Bitterblossom out, but he was forced to chump with the tokens for awhile as I kept playing guys with haste. He was regaining a lead with Bitterblossom, Mistbind Clique and two faerie tokens, and I had the bolt in my hand to kill him. He was at three, and he had at least four mana untapped. I drew a Maelstrom Pulse at his faerie tokens and baited a counterspell, even though all he had to do was look at his board and realize he could activate a Mutavault next turn to win. He countered my Pulse, and I was able to sneak the Bolt past for the final three damage.


Round 3: Junk / Doran (G/W/B Midrange)
Game 1: A turn two Tidehollow Sculler took my Maelstrom Pulse. I made two misplays a little later. The first time I swung Boggart Ram-Gang into his untapped Knight of the Reliquary. I knew he would tape it and get Seijiri Steppe to give it pro-something, and I was planning to Terminate it in response, but I didn't realize I didn't have the correct colored mana for that. A few turns later, I swung a Bloodbraid into an Obstinate Baloth, planning to Volcanic Fallout to clear the board, but not realizing I didn't have enough mana. He just drew more creatures than I did, and didn't make dumb mistakes, and he won.

Game 2: I essentially cleared his hand and we were both in the teens of life. He topdecked in succession his second black source (and sixth land) and Grave Titan to steal the game away. I held it off for as long as I could, but he topdecked a Celestial Purge to kill my man-land before I could block to prevent lethal damage.


Round 4: Faeries
Game 1: The only damage I took this game was sacking a Verdant Catacombs. His life went down by threes the whole game.
Game 2: I drew three Bloodbraid Elves this game. I almost couldn't play them as my four lands in play were three Forests and a Savage Lands, and he used Tectonic Edge on the Savage Lands. I topdecked another and could start chaining Bloodbraids. The first cascaded into a Kitchen Finks, which got countered. The second cascaded into a Great Sable Stag, and the third cascaded into Anathemancer. There was no way he could come back.


Round 5: Mono white (my worst matchup, btw)
I was paired down against someone with 7 points so we had to play it out.
Game 1: He won and started with Steppe Lynx. He followed that up with Figure of Destiny. My life started going down in large chunks, as he kept playing fetch lands for the Lynx. His third creature was a maindeck Ethersworn Canonist, which is obviously only in the deck for Jund. He managed to do all the wrong things though, practically begging me to take the game away from him. I kept myself alive by blocking his guys with man lands. One turn he used Brave the Elements on his guys to get through for 6, and then tried casting Spectral Procession, but couldn't because of his own Canonist. On my turn I Blightning'd the Procession and something else. I was able to kill his Canonist by blocking with a man land, and had to rely on the Bloodbraid Elf in my hand to pick up a creature destruction spell, but it didn't, and I was only at two life so I couldn't live through his two attackers.
Game 2: I had the nut hand, with Duress, Inquisition, Blightning, Volcanic Fallout and three lands. I stripped his hand of all cards within the first three turns, and cleared his board twice with Fallouts. All I had to do was draw creatures to win. But my deck didn't want to cooperate, and my opponent got the perfect cards he needed every turn. First was a Knight of the White Orchid to bring him to three lands. Then he topdecked a land, a Ranger of Eos (getting two Figure of Destinies) and a Brave the Elements. I still couldn't find any spells, and I eventually succumbed to his perfect draws.


Miraculously I still made it into Top 8, and while everyone else was playing it out for Top 4, my opponent and I decided to split what we'd get from Top 4. He got an extra pack, since our winnings were 9 packs, and we rolled for the promo Everflowing Chalice, and I won that. And now it's time for a long overdue sleep session.