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FNM 01/07/11 - motorcyclechris [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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FNM 01/07/11 [Jan. 7th, 2011|09:04 pm]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Brought my U/W blink control deck tonight to a paltry 13 person FNM. It was 4 rounds split to Top 4.

Round 1: Chris with Valakut Ramp
Game 1: I won the die roll and went first. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I didn't take any damage, and my opponent went from 20 to 16 to 8 to dead. I know a Colonnade was involved, and most likely a Sunblast Angel too.

Game 2: He started off with a turn 2 Khalni Heart Expedition. I was faced with a dilemma on my second turn. I could either throw Luminarch Ascension out there, or hold up mana to counter a potential Cultivate. I chose the latter, and was rewarded when he tried to cast Cultivate. I then threw out the Ascension, and luckily all he did on his turn was play another Expedition and a land. He cast Inferno Titan, dealing me three and keeping Ascension off of four counters for another turn. I cast Journey to Nowhere on it, and Mana Leaked a Terrastodon that threatened to blow up both enchantments and something irrelevant. He responded with a free Summoning Trap, which got a Primeval Titan and two Valakuts. I used my second Journey on the Primeval Titan, and Tectonic Edge two of his three Valakuts. My Ascension is active now, but all he needs to do is find a mountain to kill me, as I'm at 2. Thankfully, my bud Jace TMS comes aboard to fateseal the way clear for me, and my angels get there.


Round 2: Josh with R/B Aggro
Game 1: I won the die roll and went first. He mulliganed to a one-land 6 card hand. I cast Spreading Seas on that land, and he didn't see a second land until it was way too late.

Game 2: He had a fast start with Goblin Guide and Kiln Fiend. He adds Perilous Myr to the field, and I remove Kiln Fiend with Celestial Purge. Unfortunately by the time I find a Day of Judgment I'm at a low enough life total where two bolts kill me.

Game 3: He keeps another slow hand, with his first two lands as ETB tapped Dragonskull Summits. I make both of them islands. He tries to keep my land count down with some Tectonic Edges, but I find enough lands to eventually cast Frost Titan. Unfortunately he can't do anything with so few red sources and I win.


Round 3: Ryeland with Boros
Game 1: A turn 1 Goblin Guide and a turn 2 Squadron Hawk quickly sent my life total down. My Wall of Omens was sent on a Journey to Nowhere as the beats kept coming. Thankfully, every Goblin Guide attack netted me a land from the top of my deck, so I could get to my answers faster. He got me to 4 before I was able to kill his board with Sunblast Angel. He instantly regretted using his only Journey to Nowhere on my wall, as I quickly lowered his life total with the angel. I got down a Frost Titan also, and he couldn't come back.

Game 2: His first play was a Stoneforge Mystic grabbing a Basilisk Collar. I played Wall of Omens, but that was soon brought down with a Cunning Sparkmage/Basilisk Collar combo. On my turn I cast Journey to Nowhere on the Sparkmage. He spent the next 6 turns pinging me with his Mystic, while I made all of his Plains into Islands. As the board state progressed, I added a Tumble Magnet and a Glimmerpoint Stag (resetting the Magnet) to my side, and he added another Mystic and Sword of Body and Mind to his. I Condemned one, and kept his other tapped with the Magnet while providing beats with my newly cast Frost Titan (which unfortunately couldn't tap down his pro blue/pro green Mystic.) I quickly worked his life total down to a reasonable number, and used up the last of my magnet counters in the process. His last attempt at a comeback was countered, and I barely got the game. He later showed me his hand, which consisted of two Journey to Nowheres and a Revoke Existence, which would have undoubtedly exiled my Journey on his Sparkmage.


Round 4: Ryan with U/W Control. Draw.


We split Top 4. The prize support is 5 packs to 3 people, 6 packs to one person, and two FNM promo Everflowing Chalices. I end up trading a win for an extra pack and the promo, which is quite fine with me. My friend and I both open one pack. I get Serra Ascendant and a foil Dragonskull Summit, and he gets Chandra Nalaar. We agree we'll use the rest for some pack wars later in the week.

So all in all a very good night, and week for that matter. I just finished my tax preparation class, so I can finally make some money doing taxes part time. I also have a friend who is trying to get me some work as a bouncer at the club she works at. As well, I have a friend and his fiancee who may be moving in as well, so I could have a lot more money coming in soon. Just have to get a full time job and I'll be golden. Peace.

[User Picture]From: supeoples
2011-01-09 02:34 pm (UTC)
Great job on Friday night !

Still hoping you can find a job soon brother ! Also that would be great news if you could get that couple to move in with you and help provide more financial support.

I'll keep you in my prayers !!! How is Chinese going for you?
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From: (Anonymous)
2011-01-09 04:30 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately I can't take any more classes until I have a job, so Chinese is going to have to wait until then. I can still study on my own, but it's not top on my list of priorities right now. :P
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[User Picture]From: supeoples
2011-01-10 01:53 am (UTC)
Well, I'm wishing you the best with everything. If you get some free time down the road perhaps we can hang out sometime? Lena got me a kitten for Christmas, we named her Tiger. I believe Lena posted some pics on Facebook if you want to check her out. She is about 3 months old and a ball of energy !!!. I've been playing more MTGO these days because I haven't held a draft for about 4 weeks. Master's Edition 4 is out now and they brought back all of the original dual lands plus about 10 really amazing cards from the past so I might be checking that out soon. Getting the original dual lands would help with 100 card singleton or EDH ( commander ).
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